Following my baby’s lead

Following my baby’s lead

How can you follow your baby’s lead? Watch and notice – what your baby is looking at, their facial expressions, gestures, crying patterns and sounds. This is a great way to get to know your baby and to learn how to respond appropriately. Every time you respond, it reassures them that you can be trusted to pay attention and take care of them. Don’t worry if your response isn’t always perfect. It can take some time to really understand your baby’s cues and we all get it wrong sometimes.

Following your baby’s lead means paying attention and allowing them to “steer” your interactions when possible. When introducing something new, take it slow to be sure your baby is ready. As your child grows and can use language, it becomes easier to understand them and to talk to them about what they need and want.

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- Self-care checklist


Months - Paying attention



Months - First time swinging


Age 1

- Peek a boo


Age 2

- Letting my child lead during play


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