Communicating with my baby

Communicating with my baby

Babies are born ready to communicate and learn language. Use whatever language is most comfortable for you and talk to your child throughout the day. This helps build a strong foundation for language and learning. If you can’t think of anything to say, you can babble with your baby.

They will love it when you imitate them! And remember, communication involves more than words. When you talk to your child, try to be eye-to-eye at their level so they can “read” your face as they hear your words. This also allows you to clearly see their expressions and body language.

As children get older, you can have conversations, ask questions, and talk with your child about so many things. Children who are spoken to a lot in their early years and who hear lots of different words find school easier and more enjoyable.

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- Guiding with positive statements


Months - My baby learns about language



Months - Repeating sounds


Age 1

- Learning to talk


Age 2

- Preparing my child before it's time to leave


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