My baby’s growth and milestones

My baby’s growth and milestones

In the early years of life, it is quite amazing to watch as children reach new milestones. “Milestones” are the things most children can do at a certain age. Every child grows at their own pace and your child might do some things earlier or later than other children.

Our babies are born helpless and need adults to take care of all their needs. Knowing what milestones will come next helps you keep them safe. For example, be prepared by baby-proofing your home well before your baby might start to crawl or move around.

Over time, babies and toddlers become able to do so many new things. They often seem very excited about new abilities. You might notice big smiles when they start sitting up on their own, taking first steps, climbing, etc. And you might get just as excited watching these changes.

If you have any questions about your child’s growth and milestones, speak to your health care provider.

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- Learning about milestones


0 - 6

Months - Tummy time


Age one

- Starting to walk


Age two

- Putting on shoes


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